Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We had a doctor appointment yesterday. He told me that all the sonogram info is nothing to worry about, my pregnancy is progressing normally besides the obvious problem. I was measuring right on schedule this week so now I have no excuse for the million pounds I gained in the last 2 weeks! I do have a plan for the weight gain though. I'm not at all trying to lose weight, just trying to manage the gain my final 10 weeks. My gestational diabetes test came back negative, that night I celebrated with ice cream! BUT, since then, I have been caring about the food I am putting into my body. Sounds like a downer, I know, but I'm pretty excited about it!

I am now 30 weeks pregnant. It's strange, it feels like I've been pregnant forever and at the same time it feels like I just took the pregnancy test yesterday. Whether I go to full term or go into labor tomorrow, we will only have 10 weeks to try to prepare ourselves for the birth. I feel like I have so many things to do before Olivia is born, things that I will not want to do after but we are really dragging our feet on finishing up. I will blame the procrastination on Greg's work schedule and ignore the fact he has Sundays and Mondays off!

We have our maternity photos set up for a week and a half from now. The same photographer that I located through Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep will do these photos and the pictures when we meet Olivia. I have never done maternity photos, the thought never even crossed my mind until this pregnancy. I am looking forward to the pictures and the memories they will hold. I am certainly not the most comfortable person for picture taking but I really want them and want them to be great!

I have no monumental thoughts to wrap this up with today, I'm going to just enjoy the sunshine for as long as we have it!

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  1. I did maternity photos too and so glad I did. I hadn't done them before.