Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I will carry you

Earlier this week I received a book in the mail from a new friend that I have met through our journey. Mary is another mother who has just recently lost her daughter, Isabella Grace, to anencephaly. She sent me the book "I Will Carry You" by Angie Smith, a woman who found out that her 4th child would not live long after birth and carried to term with that knowledge.

It is so strange to read other women's thoughts and feelings that have gone through carrying a baby they knew would die. This book was not at all an exact replica of what I am going through but to see my thoughts written down in a book that someone else has written is very strange. It helps that I am not alone in this even though I do not "know" anyone that has lost a child. No, I don't mean miscarriage, I have friends that have suffered that loss which is terrible and devastating in itself. I mean finding out that the baby will not live, no matter how far along you get. No matter how perfect that baby can look on an ultrasound, all of the pains of pregnancy are for nothing in the end. We live just down the road from the cemetery that Olivia will be buried in. It is not uncommon to look outside of our house and see a funeral procession on it's way there; I know that in 9 weeks at most, we will be the ones traveling down the road in that line.

My final review of the book: It is a great book and recommend it to anyone who has lost a child or is close to someone who has suffered the loss of a child. Whether it was from miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant death, it is a great story of hope and faith.

Thanks again Mary!!!


  1. Thank you for recommending this book, I will have to check it out when I can.

    love and prayers

  2. I have this book and was going to start over the last weekend but haven't yet.