Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long, nice weekend

This last weekend was long and nice! Friday I went to Wisconsin with a group of Lia Sophia ladies for a training being held on Saturday. I took it easy all week, knowing how bad I needed to get away for a day. I did not exercise or do anything too strenuous just to make sure I would not have contractions that would force me to back out. And we made it! Friday came and I was on my way. Thankfully, I did not have any contractions during the trip. Sitting so long was not the most comfortable and I did not realize how much I love my bed until sleeping somewhere else. Don't get me wrong, the hotel bed was just fine and nothing is overly comfy when a belly is hanging down to the bed.

One thing that was noticed was that Wisconsin is not "smoke-free." I never realized how wonderful it was for Illinois to ban smoking in public places and outside of doors until going to another state. But I survived!

My stomach is definitely showing now, as I mentioned in the last post. I only had one person ask about the pregnancy. I am so happy that this happened earlier in the week. It was not a shock to my system this time around and I did not have to explain that Olivia has anencephaly or feel the need to run away crying. I just answered my due date, that we are having our third girl and that is all that was said. I did joke with my friend Melissa on the way up that if someone during a stop along the way asked about the pregnancy that I would just tell them I was not pregnant and walk away. Unfortunately, for us (not the innocent bystander) we were unable to have fun with this since I was not asked outside of the training!

I do think the long trip took a toll on my body though. I had to have Greg take me home during church thanks to the severe discomfort from sitting too long and forget standing in one place during music! I had to leave Greg by himself tonight with the kids games at AWANAS, I hope that doesn't have to happen again, we make too good of a team! My body did need the rest though, I usually do not let my body rule my day but I think I made the best choice. The discomfort is gone for the most part and hopefully going to bed early tonight will allow my body to recuperate the rest of the way.

On a really happy note, we got a new dog today! He is a 5 month old shihpoo and small and cute. He is still not acclimated to our boisterous children but I'm sure that will come with time (or he will have a heart attack first!).

We have a doctor appointment Tuesday so will probably update then.

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