Thursday, March 4, 2010

Joy in the most unexpected moments

Tonight was an emotional night for me, something was triggered early in the day and the down feelings continued to linger. Lucky for me, the girls fell asleep in the car on the way home from gymnastics and it seemed like nothing would keep them awake. I was sitting at the computer reading other stories of women who have been through anencephaly or are going through this journey now. There are so many strong, amazing women who I am blessed to be in contact with to discuss, share feelings and sometimes just vent with. I have to admit that I was feeling quite sorry for myself, which I rarely allow, when my tears were interrupted.

As I was clicking away at the computer I heard Makayla fall off of the couch and start crying. Well, that woke her up and Hannah too! I went into the living room, Greg was sitting on the floor holding a crying Makayla and Hannah was yawning and smiling so sweetly on the couch. I went over to pick up Hannah and sat down on the couch where she had been sleeping only to realize I had sat in a puddle of pee and holding a completely soaked 2 year old.

I'm not sure why it seemed so funny at the time. I stripped her down, changed my own clothes and put her in the tub. By this point she was also crying hysterically. Makayla was still crying and Greg put her on the toilet. Once she was on the toilet, still crying, she started using the bathroom and pee sprayed all over my legs like she was using a water gun. So here we are, two crying toddlers, pee all over me and both of us are laughing. They are both now dry in their pjs, tucked in bed where they hopefully stay the rest of the night.

I am so blessed to have my girls, even at their worst they can make us feel good again. Don't get me wrong, I will probably not be so uplifted by this if it happens again tomorrow! But, for today it was hilarious and helped me to realize that our life will continue to go on, no matter what is happening around us.

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