Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Busy Weeks: Part 2

Last Friday Hannah had to get her tonsils taken out. It was a much needed operation, she snored, choked on food and sleep was becoming an issue. As much as I knew she needed her surgery, and it is such a routine one, I felt terrible about doing it. I think all mothers are scared at the idea of having their children operated on. Over the last few months I have become paranoid about the safety of my living children, I will not get into all of my fears right now but there are more than enough of them!

Friday morning we took Hannah into the hospital bright and early. She was bright, happy, very active and actually excited for surgery. We did not tell her she would wake up in pain, it would have not changed the outcome and I did not want her going into it scared. She walked off from her little recovery room with a nurse and she did not even want Greg or I to go as far as we could with her. We were then moved to the family conference room. There we sat, it was only about 15-20 minutes but that was the longest 15-20 minutes of my life. I sat there in fear and guilt for putting my 3 year old baby through surgery. I kept thinking, maybe she was not that bad with her tonsils. Her tonsils were huge and covered her entire throat but I still felt horrible.

As I sat in that room, exactly one month past my due date and on the same floor I had given birth, I tried to focus on Hannah. It was impossible. The last time I was on that floor my baby was born. I kept thinking that I should be worrying about how to take care of a newborn and 3 year old that just had surgery at the same time. The last time I gave my child over in this hospital, her body was gone from me forever. My mind kept going places that I normally do not welcome it but I just could not stop it that day. I cannot fully explain how that waiting was except pure torture.

Of course Hannah came through surgery just fine, she was grumpy when she woke up from surgery which was expected. Now 5 days later she has very little proof that she was operated on and she is doing great!

Time to get back to packing, I have a new picture of Olivia's name in sand from my blogger friend, Jennifer, that I will post soon. Hotmail will not let me in the account due to maintenance right now :P


  1. I am so glad Hannah did so well. I am sorry that you had to experience being on that floor and the anxiety of handing your children over. I hope your move goes good and you get away from the bats, uhh, just gives me the heebie jeebies. My aunt and uncle had bats in their attic once. They had to have an exterminator come out and take care of them.

  2. I am glad that Hannah's surgery went well! I hope your move goes well too:)

  3. Many hugs as I try to keep those same thoughts out as well as far as fears about the safety of our 3 living children as well.

    Lifting you up!

    Glad that she is doing well. Kids are so resilient. Most likely she will not remember the surgery. I had to have surgery when I was 1 year old and I know that's not 3 years old but I do not remember any of it.

    Hope the move goes well!