Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy weeks: Part 1

The last couple of weeks have been crazy busy but probably will stay this way for another week or two. The beginning of last week I received a package in the mail from a friend Mary. I do not have pictures taken yet (but will soon!). She sent a book "Mommy, please don't cry there are no tears in heaven," and a super cute picture frame. The frame is yellow and white striped, has an angel charm and says "Every moment is a miracle." I have already put a picture of Olivia in it and had it hanging up. Also in the package was a card which highlighted the verse John 14:27. I had not realized how much this verse would continue to pop up after I had first heard it but it is welcomed each and every time!

I also had the opportunity to meet another friend, Sheena, who I had met online. She has had two daughters with anencephaly. We live about 5 hours from each other but met in the middle to have lunch. I cannot even explain the need to meet other women who have gone through carrying a baby knowing they were going to lose it. We all have a bond, an unfortunate one, but I am so grateful for the internet providing me with the chance to connect with others. There were times through this journey that I have felt so alone in my community. We have supportive friends and family but it is not the same as talking to others who just know.

That is my short update for today and hope to post more soon. This may be the busiest 2 weeks I have had in a very long time. Hannah had her tonsils and adenoids taken out last Friday. We are also moving our entire house in less than a week, not sure where we are moving yet! Our walls are infested with bats and need to get out ASAP!

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  1. Things have been so busy around here too. Its great to keep busy but sometimes exhausting for me.

    How awesome to get a present in the mail. What a beautiful gift! Can not wait to see pictures :)

    I am glad that you and Sheena got to meet up, it is always nice to have someone who understands while at the same time its bittersweet as we do not want anyone to endure this. But it is great not to feel so alone at times.

    Bats! really! wow, I hope they leave soon. Good luck with the move. Glad that Hannah's surgery went well, hope she is back to 100% which I am sure she is :)