Thursday, April 7, 2011

Remembering Together Bouquet Swap

I just stumbled across this page through Holly's Caring for Carleigh page tonight and I am very excited to participate in it.

The Remembering Together Bouquet Swap is for baby loss mothers to swap a floral inspired craft with eachother for Mother's Day. Check out the blog, there is plenty of info there. I am not the craftiest person but I love this idea and cannot wait for the name to be sent to me! The deadline to sign up is April 10th. If you cannot access the link, there is a facebook page that you can "like" and start there.

When I first saw this I messaged about 15 other mothers, then decided it would be easier to post this way.


  1. This is awesome! I signed up and will be reposting this on Lilly's blog to help spread the word. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I finally got my computer back today!