Tuesday, April 12, 2011

11 months, Prayer request!

Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. James 1:12

Today is 11 months since we were blessed to hold our little girl. How I wish she were right here with me and I was blogging about how close she was to walking or already doing so. Makayla walked at 10.5 months and Hannah at 11 months so I have a feeling Olivia would be keeping up with them by now.

Even as I sit here trying to blog about Olivia, my heart is so heavy for other mothers and their journeys. Another mother, Daphne, is celebrating her twins Harper and Olivia's 1st birthday. Harper is here on earth, a continuous joy to her family while her Olivia, who also had anencephaly ,is celebrating her birthday in heaven.

There is another mother though, Allison, that just found out that her daughter has anencephaly today. I can hardly even type this part through tears because this is not the first time she is experiencing this. Her daughter, VeraAnn, was also diagnosed with anencephaly and was born in November, 2009. She and her husband have 2 healthy daughters so why this is happening for a second time, God only knows. Although I have not gotten to know Allison well, it still breaks my heart as if she was a sister that I was raised with. There is a bond between mothers in the baby loss community and our hearts ache for eachother as much as they rejoice over good news. Some people are already commenting "sorry for your loss." For now, as far as I know, her daughter is still growing inside of her. She is not lost, her life is still as valuable as any other, no matter how short it will be. I cannot imagine how difficult the next weeks and months are going to be for this family, preparing to bury a baby once again.

There is so much fear in a pregnancy after you lose one child. People that have not experienced it try to reassure you that it won't happen again, but it does happen again. I am trying so hard to not sit here and question God, I want to know WHY??? Why does this have to happen even once and after it does, why would the same family have to go through it all over again? I know his plan is greater than I could ever imagine and I will never understand "why" these things happen until I leave this imperfect world. Please pray that this family will be surrounded by God's love, comfort, strength and peace as they try to navigate this pregnancy.


  1. So, so heartbroken for your friend. There is so much uncertainty in pregnancy after loss. I was scared until I had Amelia and then afterwards with her breathing issues. I still find myself checking her breathing more than I did the others. God is huge...He can take our whys. Happy 11 months Olivia!! Love you friend!

  2. Oh, my. What a heartache. This just makes me so sick to my stomach for this family to have a second baby with anen. Makes me hug my belly and give our Little One a big love pat. And PRAY that our rainbow babies will get to come home to stay with us. Praying for them.

  3. So heartbreaking for this family that they have to endure another loss to anencephaly. :( prayers for them

    Happy 11 months Olivia <3

    And happy birthday to Olivia

  4. I HATE anen!!!!
    So tempting to ask why...

    God's peace to you as you pass the 11 month milestone.

    ♥ Olivia ♥

  5. Ugh - I can't stand to see new people on the ABFA board. Breaks my heart.

    I just read Olivia's story - we got Sammy's diagnosis on May 12. I'll for sure be thinking of ya'll...