Friday, March 16, 2012

Birth Certificate

One of the last things I needed to do was pick up Olivia's birth certificate from the Circuit Clerks office. I was dreading this, and I mean DREADING! Only because I had heard of other BLM's getting the birth certificate with DECEASED stamped across it and lets face it, no mother wants to see that. I do not know if it varies by state, another BLM from Illinois said that her son's certificate did not have "deceased" on it but I worried about it anyway.

I had been in that office to get Hannah and Makayla's certificates for school and avoided getting Olivia's. I had to go in to pick up Claire's and decided to get Olivia's also. To my surprise and absolute joy, this was not printed or stamped across it! I was so happy I could have cried. It is just like our other girls' birth records and I will be putting it with theirs rather than with Olivia's stuff. For a short time, she was one of "us" and always be one of "the girls" :)

So now I have it, ready to be put away when I am tired of looking at it (and smiling). CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH, just another glimpse of her life with us. Almost 2 years after she was born I finally have it but I did not have a copy of Makayla's until she was 5....I'm ahead of my own timeframe :)


  1. Awww, that is so awesome. Jamie went and picked up Eli's and would not even show it to me. So, I suspect it has the dreaded stamp.

  2. I'm so glad it doesn't have it on there. She was plenty alive & spent her time with you & that deserves to be celebrated! I totally just got Presley's a month or so ago , so yeah you are ahead of the game here :)

  3. So glad it wasn't stamped w/ that for you!

  4. I still have to get Isabella's. I had never heard of that stamp before, I pray hers doesn't have it on it. Why would they need to do that when you get a death certificate?