Thursday, December 23, 2010

First Christmas

With Christmas quickly approaching I thought I should do a quick post. This is going to be far from an emotional post since I am just not in that kind of a mood today, thank God!!!

Olivia would have been 7 months this Christmas, the same age as Makayla and Hannah for their first Christmas. Obviously we have a thing for May babies!! We decorated a Christmas tree for the cemetery and chose to not post pictures because it looks so tacky (smile). It's ok to laugh at that, the girls put their entire hearts into it! It was a small tree with a little package of decorations, the girls decided they wanted more decorations and it is now filled with giant snowflakes. We loved watching them work so hard and of course we told them it was beautiful.

I try to imagine what it would be like with a baby this Christmas and I honestly cannot picture it. I watch Makayla and Hannah bounce all over the place and enjoy that this is the first year they are REALLY into Christmas. They love it all, they love hearing the story of baby Jesus, they love that Santa is coming and the presents under the tree. This might be the funnest Christmas with the 2 of them that we have ever had.

Makayla's first Christmas

Hannah's first Christmas

Another mother, Shannon, who lost her daughter Skylar to anencephaly this year made an angel tree. She sent a picture of an Olivia ornament. Thank you again Shannon, I am always so grateful to "meet" other mothers who have suffered loss, we continue to remember our babies together.


  1. I too can't picture what it would be like with a baby this Christmas. Thinking about you, the family and Olivia. I can't even imagine how great it must be for our angels to celebrate Christmas with Jesus! Even though my selfish human side wishes they could be with us I know it must be amazing to celebrate it in Heaven!

  2. I'm so glad the girls got to put their touch on Olivia's tree! They will never forget that! I bet it was beautiful! I'm right there with you about not being able to imagine Eli here this Christmas. I think that upsets me almost as much as not having him here...

  3. Aw, I can just picture all the snowflakes on the tree that the girls put together. :)

    Shannon's pic she took is beautiful!